Sunday, January 19, 2014

Book Review - #Consort of the #Female #Pharaoh by Eugene Stovall

Title: Consort of the Female Pharaoh
Genre: Historical/Egypt's 18th Dynasty
Author: Eugene Stovall
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 19, 2012)
Pages: 364
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About The Book:
Hat-Shep-Sut was Egypt’s greatest Pharaoh … So why has history tried to erase her memory for the past 3500 years ? Hat-Shep-Sut’s goal was to be venerated as the Foremost of Distinguished Women and determined that no man would interfere with her plans … Not Senen-Mut, her Consort and the Father of her daughter … Not Neferu-Re who conspires with Thut-Moses to seize her throne … Not even Amen’s High Priest, Seth-Mesy, who demands absolute obedience Even from Pharaoh! Set during the time that the Two-Lands of Upper and Lower Egypt reels under threats from Northern Asiatics and Southern Nubians, CONSORT of the FEMALE PHARAOH tells the story of how the Eighteenth Egyptian Dynasty passed from the Lunar Epoch into the Solar Epoch and became the Super Power of the Ancient World for an additional 2000 years!

Lynda's Review:
The low rating on this book is not for content, but for style. It contains a lot of fascinating history and opens the window on characters not well known. However, I felt like I was reading a news story, compiled clips of information pertinent to the account but lacking readability. There was no flow or pacing that eased the reading. I feel that somewhere in this book is a wonderful story, if told in a way that engages a reader. As always, I suggest that those interested in this time period read and form their own opinion of this book.

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