Sunday, January 12, 2014

GUEST BLOG - By Author Hebby Roman

"The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out." ~Thomas B. Macaualay ~

The quotation from Macaulay, for me, cut's to the way you live your life and expect the hero/heroine of the romances you read. Does your the hero/heroine return to the store because they've underpaid for something or do they go home and tell themselves it was their lucky day? If you're a romance reader, you want your h/h to act in a heroic fashion, putting honor and promises above all else.

And I admit it, I'm an honor freak or maybe I should say this better: I believe your word is your handshake. Everyone should say what they believe and even better, they should follow through with their actions. But that's the easy answer for small stuff. What about big stuff? For me, nothing should be unforgivable, especially in fiction, except maybe a criminal action. But that's not so easy in real life, is it?

Why can't we make it happen in make believe? After all, that's what we writers do, right? Create a perfect world for our readers to luxuriate in because the real world can be all too ugly.
I'm a big one for promises, both in my writing and my personal life. When I was raising my children, I never made them a promise unless I was 99% certain of keeping it. Why? Because have you seen small children who were disappointed, or alternatively, do you wonder how those children who are disappointed grow up?

Romance writers are big on their books' themes: love lost, revenge, coming-of-age, overcoming adversity, etc. There are so many themes but when I put my books to the test, I came up with one universal theme, along with a bunch of variations. And that theme was: TRUST.

Yes, trust. No promises broken between h/h. Honorable actions from both, even if their passions lead them to do otherwise. And please, no criminal, and forgivable actions, either.

Let's face it, in romances, the h/h go through myriad trials and tribulations to learn that they should be together. And for me, as a writer, that's a learning process for both of them. And I need to show the readers how the h/h learn to trust each other enough to let their love grow.

Now, I'm not going to be the arbitrator of authors' themes here, but I believe that most of our themes really boil down to the one, most important component between h/h, and that is trust. I know this in my personal life and in my love life. Without trust, how can we respect each other, or feel affection or watch our love grow? Trust is the foundation.

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  1. I agree that trust (or the lack of) is a big issue in many novels. It's certainly a component in mine. Thanks for the thoughtful post!

  2. You're welcome, Ashantay. Yes, you're right, when it comes to romance, trust, in one form or another, figures prominently in any internal conflict that the h/h might have.