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Title: Shoe Garden and Other Shoe Stories
Author: Joyce Fishman and Brenda Finne
Genre: Children's
Length: 35 Pages
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About The Book:
“SHOE GARDEN & OTHER SHOE STORIES”, is filled with thought provoking ideas using shoes as a metaphor for life accompanied with colorful illustrations.

A child's day is for dreaming about who they are and who they will become. These stories show how shoes can inspire their imagination.

A parent/teacher guide is available on to help encourage creative thought.

"SHOE GARDEN", How does your shoe garden grow? By two of course in colors of rainbows
"SHOE DREAMS", Each one tells a story, of its lifetime glory, each stand on its own, characters renown.
"WHEN SHOES CAN FLY", Life's journey is meant to walk on the earth, but if my shoes could fly, I would soar so high!
"BUTTERFLY SHOES", All who watch embrace the view of fluttering wings on butterfly shoes!
The creators, Joyce Fishman and Brenda Finne are sisters who have overlapped their keen sense of design and wordsmith since they were kids.

Breeze's Review:
This is a fun book to read. You can read one story at a time or sit down and read of all the stories at once. My little girl, who is obsessed with shoes, truly enjoyed hearing me read this book to her. The wording is fun and creative. It's was a very original idea, and as a parent, I’m always looking for books that are different. The illustrations match the story perfectly. They are unique and greatly enhanced the story. The last story about butterfly shoes was my daughter’s favorite. I was happy to add this to my collection!

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