Saturday, March 1, 2014

As A Writer, What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Have you ever wondered, as a Writer, what legacy you’ll leave behind? Of course, there will be the collection of stories you’ve written over the years, but what will they say about you as a person? What feelings will they engender in your readers? What attitudes will they foster? Just because we make things up, create time and circumstance out of ‘thin air’, does this relieve us of the responsibility to consider what we leave in our wake?

For the sake of this blog, I’m assuming that we all write for the love and joy of the creative process, and not just the monetary rewards, although we enjoy those, as well. If, however, the opposite is true, then the point of this blog is moot. A writer who writes strictly for commercial profit will, of course, write whatever is selling ‘hot’ at the moment without regard to a personal legacy.

Individuals often give voice to their concern over the moral breakdown permeating our world. On the other hand, they think nothing of strengthening its progression by the very act of being a consumer of products that advance that breakdown. As writers, we can be guilty of the same thing by fueling the fires of decay with the words we choose to immortalize in print.

Have you ever considered what deductions your child or grandchild will make about romance, relationships, violence, moral standards, etc., from reading your work? Humm… That thought could keep one up at night!

What does your writing legacy mean to you? Do you write with it in mind?

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