Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Review: ZIGGERSNOUNT by Dale Rensing

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Genre: Childrens
Length: 24 Pages

About The Book:
A picture book for early readers, Ziggersnout is a story about a little boy learning to skate who finds that things are not as easy as he thinks, but learns to persevere. With the help of the rink manager and the dragon who lives under the ice, Eric discovers that hope, faith and desire can work magic.

About The Author:
Dale Rensing has been a technical and marketing writer for many years, working in the high-tech industry and then eventually moving over to businesses involving history and fashion. Her first children’s historical novel, Jewel of the Opera Garnier, was originally published by Lakshmi Books in October 2012. Dale draws upon her many years of dance and skating experience to give readers a sense of the joy and dedication involved in these disciplines.

Breeze's Review:
What a fun and encouraging story to share with your children. My daughter and I read this story together and we both found it to be very entertaining. I thought the illustrations were great and my daughter especially liked the pictures of Ziggersnout. As a parent I am always looking for books that will teach valuable lessons to my children and this is one I will gladly add to our collection. The story teaches children that to succeed we need faith and hope in ourselves. The boy's belief in the Ziggersnout was a great way to expand our imagination and teach children to reach for their goals.

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