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Title: Garden of Memory
Author: Kalliope Bell
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 137
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978-1-61217-992-6 Digital

(1) About The Book:
Prince Raffaele Salvatore wants to grant his father's dying wish. The problem is the princess he is supposed to marry has been missing for years. The sudden appearance of an American woman who bears a remarkable resemblance to his vanished betrothed fills him with suspicion.

Anna Bennett escapes her controlling uncle to visit Monferinna and discover if the garden of her dreams is real. Instead, she discovers a handsome prince, a crazy betrothal tale, and a world beyond her wildest imagination.

If she is the missing princess, will their marriage be one of duty or of love?

Anna Bennett stood outside the open wrought iron gates of the Alexandria Palace of Monferrina and pressed nerveless fingers to her lips. Her insides roiled with a heady mixture of anticipation and dread. She’d waited so long. Would she finally find answers about her parents and her past?

Far below, the Mediterranean Sea glistened, an intense blue temptation. The warm, moist wind whipped her hair across her face. For years, she’d dreamt of standing beside the open water, of immersing herself in the world outside her gilded cage. She longed to venture down from the bluff to the island’s pristine white beach and sink her toes into the warm sand. To relish the gentle kiss of the sea air on her face. But she had no time for self-indulgence.

Every muscle in her back and shoulders screamed from the endless tension of the past twenty-four hours since her escape from her uncle’s home. In a futile attempt to loosen the stiffness in her neck, she leaned her head from side to side. Summoning all her courage, she drew a breath. At last, she would know the truth.

Turning her back on the sparkling blue water, she forced her wobbling legs into motion.

Uniformed sentinels guarded the gates. One of them inspected her identification then nodded his approval for her to pass.

The polished stone path stretched like a pale ribbon before her. As she made her way to the gardens, she fought the urge to look over her shoulder. Her uncle couldn’t know she was here. She’d been cautious, her plan flawless. Still, fear plagued her.

Title: Never Too Late
Author: T. R. McClure
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 169
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978-1-61217-909-4 Digital

(2) About The Book:
Katerina Bauer's goals were etched in stone...teach at the university and take care of her widowed father. The first crack came when her supervisor strongly suggested she leave her home in Germany to spend six months at a California college. The second crack comes when handsome vineyard owner Alessandro Marino and his perfect horse send her tumbling into the trunk of a rental car and a totally unexpected romance.

Adventurous Alex Marino thought his course in life was clearly charted. Heir apparent to the Marino Family Vineyard, his future is threatened when younger brother Tony and new wife Wendy return home with a baby to assume their places in the business. When athletically-challenged Kat appears and captures Alex's heart, he learns it's never too late to pursue your dreams.

Their lives are a continent and an ocean apart. Kat and Alex's hearts may be joined...but what about their futures?

Alex edged closer. “I said—” At Katerina’s continued look of puzzlement, he looked around the dining room. The dog had come out from under the table next to his father. His grandmother followed the dog past the front window, shaking a towel and trying to chase her out of the room. Baby Jaiden waved a handful of spaghetti in the air, flinging a few tomato-coated noodles on Tony’s shirt. Just as his mother entered the room from the kitchen, he leaned closer to Katerina and raised his voice. “I said, You have beautiful blue eyes.”

As soon as the statement left his mouth, the uproar ceased. His words hung in the sudden silence like wind chimes, echoing on the breeze. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his grandmother freeze in mid-wave and turn slowly toward him, a huge smile on her wrinkled face. The golden retriever jumped onto the window seat and settled down, her chin on her front paws as if nothing had happened.

Alex dropped his head into his hands. Soon soft hands patted the top of his head and his grandmother’s garlic-scented breath tickled his ear.

“Alessandro, I bring you some pannetone, yes?” She bumped a hip against his shoulder and pulled his ear. “I bring some for you and your new girlfriend.” She giggled and trotted off into the kitchen.


  1. Loved the excerpts of these two books, which I hadn't seen before. Now both are on my TBR list! Thanks. Barb Bettis.

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