Monday, March 31, 2014

Fear of Flowers with Giveaway

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Title: Fear of Flowers
Author: Christine Bush
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Series: Flower Basket Romance
Genre: contemporary, non-erotic
Length: 67 pages

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About The Book:
Determined to conquer his longtime and paralyzing fear of water, Sam signs up for swim lessons at the community pool. But a computer glitch has put him into a class of 5 year old beginners. To add insult to injury, his instructor, Lilly, is adorable and pushes all his buttons. But she wants nothing to do with him. Lilly has learned the hard way that loving a handsome rich guy is the path to heartache, and she knows for a fact that he sends flowers all over town. NO flowers for her. Can Lilly get over her "fear of flowers"? And can Sam get over his aquaphobia? Will they both learn that letting go and trusting is the key to intimacy and love?

When she pulled up her car to the condo’s front door to unload her groceries, she blinked her eyes in disbelief. Flowers. Yellow. And lots of them.

An enormous bouquet sat on her front step, this time displayed in a cut glass vase, big yellow blooms with contrasting greenery. The card showed they were delivered by The Flower Basket.

Already? Not even an hour passed since she had seen him. Not even an hour since she proclaimed she didn’t believe in flowers. How had he done that? And did the man ever listen?

Lilly wanted to frown and grin at the same time. She was also talking to herself. As she emptied the grocery bags, her gaze kept wandering to the beautiful display on the kitchen table, then across the room to the roses from the last delivery. Careful, girl. The man sends flowers all over town, remember. Purposefully, she slowed the little skip in her heart, subdued the flash of joy arising. The flowers meant nothing.

Well, almost nothing.

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  1. Enjoyed the excerpt! Hope you do well with this release!

  2. Sounds like a fun story, Good luck.