Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Review: WHAT A BABE by Kathy Johnson

Length: 32 Pages
Genre: Children's
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
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About The Book:
Welcome LIL' LILLY to earth - 

WHAT A BABE - gets lots of raves - as BABY LILLY, the newest member of the STARLETTE UNIVERSE crew - makes her sparkling debut. 

Lilly wears bows - from head to toes - and lives her life mostly - on a 'stroller' coaster. If you love 'sweet and frillly' - you'll love LIL' LILLY!

Breeze's Review:
~"But from head-to-toes - I'm the BABE-WITH-THE-BOWS!:~

This was a cute book with some creative illustrations. There were clever rhymes throughout the story that kept the attention of my daughters. This book would be good for younger audiences as the story follows the activities of a baby named Lilly. The illustrations were detailed which I think helped to add to the story line. My favorite line of the book was "But from head-to-toes - I'm the BABE-WITH-THE-BOWS!" my daughter kept giggling over the fact that Lilly had bows on her diaper.  

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