Saturday, May 24, 2014

Confessions of Kdrama and Thai Lakorn Fans

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Reading, Writing, and Watching are my three favorite things to do when I'm happy, sad, tired, energetic, busy, not busy...I hope you're getting my drift. I enjoy these things at any time. Writing is both work and pleasure, as is reading. However, watching Asian Dramas is pure relaxation. I haven't watched a regular TV show in over four years since discovering these fun and exciting dramas. So what are some of my favorites? I'm including three of my favorites with links to Drama Fever and Viki. Both of these sites offer a large variety of dramas and Lakorns that you can watch free of charge.

Are you an Asian Drama Fan? What country's drama do you like best. What's your #1 favorite? Why do you watch Asian Dramas? Drop a comment below and tell us about yourself and why you're a Drama/Lakorn fan.

My Love From Another Star

Secret Garden

Boys Over Flowers

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