Sunday, July 27, 2014

Book Review: SUN POWER by Neville Williams

Genre: Non Fiction
Length: 384

About The Book:
America is on the brink of a green energy revolution that can save the planet, and increase peace and prosperity, by harnessing the unlimited solar power. After decades of promise, the technology for alternative energy solutions now exists to replace our dangerous addiction to fossil fuels with cheap, clean solar energy.

Neville Williams has been on the leading edge of this revolution for decades and knows from firsthand experience how sun power can transform lives and communities for the better. He has traveled the globe bringing solar-generated electricity to struggling communities throughout Asia, Africa, India, and the developing world. From isolated villages high in the mountains of Nepal to remote settlements in South Africa, Williams has worked to bring sun power to even the most off-the-grid reaches of the planet. He has brought that knowledge and experience back to America where he founded one of the country’s fastest growing solar companies.

If millions of poor families in the Third World can get their power from the sun, why can’t Americans concerned with their rising power bills, dependence on foreign oil, and carbon footprints do the same?

The answer is that sun power is here, it works, and can light up a new era of economic and environmental security—if we have the will to seize this historic opportunity. This book is not about predictions or promises. It’s about what’s happening now, all over the world, and what still needs to done.

Lynda's Review:
This book opened a window on the subject of solar power. It gave me a clearer view of a subject that has always fascinated me. It describes how people worldwide are harnessing the sun's power in countries like: China, Africa, and many more. It talks about solar farms and those odd looking compilation of devices atop many rooftops, especially in the industrial buildings. It raises the question, Why Can't The US Do More To Provide This Type Energy For Its Citizens? If you want to know what's available in this technology and what's happening elsewhere in the world, this is a good read for you. You can read more about this book here.

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