Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Book Review: PUMPKIN TIME by Erzsi Deak

Genre: Children's (4-8 Years)
Length: 32 Pages

About The Book:
The day Evy slipped on her gardening boots and began planting seeds in the soft, black earth, she saw a feast waiting to sprout. Evy is so focused on watching her garden grow, that she misses all the silliness going on around her- pigs dancing, donkeys flying, and sheep having a picnic.

But after nurturing her garden all summer and harvesting in the autumn- it’s Pumpkin Time! And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious feast for everyone.

Gorgeously illustrated by New York Times and IndieBound bestselling illustrator, Doug Cushman, this charming picture book features pumpkin facts, delicious recipes that parents and children can share together, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough of Evy’s pumpkin growing process (in case you were too focused on all the silliness).

Pumpkin Time captures the beauty and bounty of fall and harvest time, and encourages parents and kids to try their own hand at gardening.

Breeze's Review:

Pumpkin Time is a fun book that I was happy to review. The book immediately caught my attention because of the illustrations. They are well done and contain so much detail that children who are not of reading age will still enjoy this book tremendously! The story line is creative. My girls and I followed Evy around while she is oblivious to the events around her because she is working on a very special surprise. I just love how interactive this book is with a recipe and fun facts section in the back. This is a cute, creative and interactive book that anyone with young children would love. 5 stars!

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