Saturday, August 2, 2014

Book Review: SPUNKY AND DUNKY AND BUDDY BEAR by Gary C. Newton

Genre: Children's
Length: 38 Pages

About the Book:
Abandoned and alone...... Who will save them? 

“The Adventures of Spunky and Dunky and Buddy Bear” visualizes the experiences of two monkeys left alone in the African jungle as a kind bear from Canada finds them and takes them back to their new cabin in the big woods of Canada.

Breeze's Review:
My 5 year old daughter and I sat down and enjoyed this book together. The story was about two monkeys whose parents were taken away in Africa. A kindhearted bear named Buddy Bear took the monkeys home with him. The two little monkey's were trouble makers at times, but Buddy Bear taught them the importance of listening and obeying. There are many adventures that take place in this story which kept my daughter's attention the whole time. When we finished the book I asked her what she learned and she responded by telling me so many things she had been taught by the story.

 As a parent I can not express enough how appreciative I am to find books like this. The adventures that the monkeys take in the book are all very realistic and help me as a parent to teach my children about how to handle certain situations. The illustrations are wonderful! You instantly feel like you want to give Buddy Bear a hug just by looking at the pictures of him. Parents and children will love sharing this story together and teachers could use this book to read aloud in class. I urge all parents to add this one to their library! 

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