Saturday, October 4, 2014

Book Review: WAGES CREEK by Jeffrey Hickey

About The Book:
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There was once a campground on the Northern California coast where a fresh, bubbling stream met the vast Pacific Ocean. The sandy beach was large, the grasses were tall and soft, three ducks had a problem, one man had a cold, and a horseshoe pit was in the middle of the solution. This is the story of a trip my family took to Wages Creek.

Breeze's Review:
As a parent I am always excited to find books that my children genuinely like to read and when I find one that ALL of us enjoy reading, I get truly excited. This is one of those books. It has the writings of a great imagination, adventure and a lot of humor that both parents and their children will enjoy. The family was on a camping trip when dad got sick and stayed behind at the campsite while the family went out and you won't believe what follows! He has a great adventure with some ducks and the illustrations absolutely add to the story. I highly suggest listening to the audio book while reading this story! I hope many more families get to enjoy this book! 

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  1. Hi Lynda: Thanks so much for the review of Wages Creek. As I'm currently recovering from cancer surgery in August (and yes, it appears I'm now cancer free), this was a nice surprise. So glad you enjoyed the audio as well. Wages Creek was very much a labor of love for our family, as my wife did all the artwork. I'm hoping you get a chance to post this to Amazon. As an author, you know how much that means. Thanks again, and look for my next two releases, Bats and Bones, (for older children and adults) and my fourth novel, Where She Stands, (for everyone), out next year. Sincerely--Jeff