Saturday, October 4, 2014

Book Rreview - WHEN A SPIDER COMES TO STAY by Rebecca Crosdale

About the Book:
One day, while sitting in her den, a little girl comes upon a small spider. The spider does not scare her or offend. The spider is a comfort, especially as the girl watches the spider spin in circles. The spider is so full of life, and the girl hopes to be the spider’s friend—but what does the spider want? Why does she sit in the den? The girl and the spider don’t speak the same language, but after a while, they learn to communicate. The girl even tries to share food with the lovely spider, but the spider doesn’t want apples and cheese; the spider needs flies and other bugs to eat. Despite their differences, they remain friends. Still, the spider can’t stay in the den forever. Miss Spider must make a web somewhere outside to catch her prey. The little girl is just happy to have made a new friend—one that is fun, fascinating, and not very scary at all.

Breeze's Review: 
This is an interesting children's book that can be used in educational settings such as a student teacher discussion. The book already contains a section of Discussion Points for teachers to use. There are lots of not so obvious lessons that children can learn but I certainly suggest using the questions in the book when reading to students or if you are reading to your child because there were a lot of good points that I didn't catch until I read the discussion points.The story is meant to teach children how to communicate better with someone who may be different than they are. I enjoyed sharing this book with my daughter, she liked all the illustrations of the spider.

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