Sunday, December 14, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Noodles and Albie by Eric Bennett

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About The Book:
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A penguin tale of friendship and coming of age, Noodles and Albie is the story of a young penguin on his first adventure at sea in the mysterious Southern Ocean. When his fun takes a turn and Noodles discovers he is lost, he tries to find his way home before darkness sets in. Noodles has nearly given up when he meets a friendly fish named Albie, who knows the sea “like the back of my fin.” They begin the journey together, but will they make it home to the penguin colony before dark? This charming and imaginative story is set against a backdrop of beautifully intricate watercolor illustrations that help bring the story to life.

Breeze's Review:
This was such a cute story!! I shared this book with my 5 year old daughter and she loved it so much that it was book of choice for three nights in a row. She loved all the illustrations and kept pointing out things I hadn't noticed in the pictures which was fun for both her and I. I also loved how the book was both short and long enough to be the perfect bedtime story. The story about Noodles and Albie helped teach a lot about the importance of friendship and the joy it can bring. I really appreciated how Noodle didn't give up on Albie, I always try to teach my children how important it is not to give up on each other and this story was very helpful. I recommend this sweet story to any family!

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