Saturday, January 17, 2015

Book Review - LADY EMMA IN HER LAND OF WONDER by Martha M. Harrison

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About The Book:
Lady Emma is a young girl whose adventures lead her to missteps and mistakes. She tumbles and jumbles and falls out of her boat. She falls under a bridge and under a witch's spell. She faces dragons and ogres. As her father guides her gently through life and she finds a prince, she ultimately learns that she must fix-up her own mix-ups before she can find her dreams.

Breeze's Review:
This book was an enjoyable read for me and my three daughters. It is the story of a girl named Emma who sometimes comes across difficult circumstances in life and at first she relies on the help of her father and then later her Prince. However, as the story continues she comes to understand that she's strong and independent and can get through some tough times by relying on herself more. As a mother, one of my main goals in raising my girls is to make sure that they have enough faith in themselves to be independent, I appreciate how this book helped to teach that important lesson. The writing and illustrations were both creative and fun! This would make a great gift for any young girl in your family.

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