Wednesday, January 14, 2015

RELEASE DAY! Stormee Waters by Lynda J. Coker


About The Book:
Dirk Savage never fails to acquire what he wants until he encounters Stormee Waters and a backwash 
of trouble...

Stormee Waters knows about hard times. Needing to care for her aging grandmother and teenage brother, she moves to Houston, Texas and takes a writing job for a popular magazine. Her first assignment is to interview a successful business man for a series of articles entitled, Make My Man Texas-Sized. Her target, Dirk Savage, appears to have the right criteria. He's adventurous with the air of a conqueror. Admired by his peers and coveted by beauty queens and debutantes, he's just the type of man that Stormee needs to make her first article sizzle and sell. But can she handle the heat when she catches his attention?

Dirk Savage is used to acquiring what he wants, except in the illusive quest for the one woman who can fill his heart. The shock of discovering her in the naive young woman assigned to interview him sets his jaded emotions on high alert. Can he convince her that his pursuit is genuine?

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The Wild Rose Press



Josh pointed his finger at their host and squinted his
eyes. “My sister and I don’t need anything else. After
we reach Chicago, you go your way, and we’ll go ours.”

His rude reply startled Stormee. She shook her
opened hands at him and barely uttered his name
through her gritted teeth. “Josh!”

“What?” he said, grabbing both armrests. “It’s the
truth so why not say it?”

“Please show some manners.”

“Why? This is about hooking up, and if you weren’t
so dense, you’d know what’s on his mind. Most guys get
girls with the price of a movie ticket. Rich ones do the
same thing with a jet ride.”

Josh bent toward Dirk, puffing out his chest. “How
about it, Savage? I bet this kind of thing works every
time with clueless girls like my sister. You got the guts
to be honest?”

The confrontational fire in Josh’s eyes scared
Stormee. She couldn’t breathe as Dirk copied Josh’s
movements and leaned toward her brother. He glared at
his youthful antagonist in merciless silence.

Josh returned the piercing glare for longer than
Stormee believed possible before lowering his gaze and
slouching back in his seat.

“In the future”—Dirk paused and leaned back in his
chair—“if you have something to say to me, don’t insult
the woman I’m with to get it said. In addition, you’d do
well to remember I never allow any man a second
chance to disrespect me.”

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  1. Well...I love the cover, but the excerpt blew me away, Lynda! I'm off to pre-ordre this book.

  2. Hi Mary, Thank you for stopping in and for those kind words. Hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  3. Great cover, Lynda. Best of luck with your release

  4. Thanks for stopping in, Charlotte.

  5. The cover is beautiful, and I wish you a very happy New Year with lots of attention for your new book.

    1. Thank you Raymona. And I love your name...