Monday, January 5, 2015

Too Little - Too Late? Revealing the Flaws...

Are there certain types of scenes or character traits that you find difficult to write? I have a whole list of such items, but one stands out more than others. I believe that every great character must be flawed in some way, otherwise, how can they change, grow, and become the heroes we want them to be.

As a writer, I tend to love all my characters and hate revealing things that make them less than perfect. So I'm making that my project for 2015. In my work-in-progress story, ONE MISTAKE AT A TIME, my poor hero is going to have a lot of undesirable edges that will force him to make choices he doesn't want to make. His tendency to give too little too late will cost him everything he holds dear. How, or if, he ever finds redemption is an unanswerable question. But for sure, the one woman who can save him, will in fact...

Well, you didn't expect me to spoil the plot, right?

When it comes to love and honor, are their lines that can't be crossed? Certainly there are! So what happens when your hero does just that? As a writer, do you have a difficult time pushing him to that point? As a reader, do you abandon him and quit reading, or do you press on hoping that he'll change?

Writing is an endeavor that never gets perfected. With time and experience we get better at our craft, but we'll always be striving to improve some element that seems to elude us, and there are so many elements that comprise good storytelling.

In 2016, what element  of change will you be reaching for in your writing journey?

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  1. Oh, character flaws! They are so difficult to navigate, Lynda, I agree. So much revolves around getting those steps right! Your WIP sounds tempting! Looking forward to it!

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Getting the steps right is difficult. Questions always pop up: Is he too selfish, not selfish enough? Is she shallow or just clueless? And on and on...

  2. This has given me some food for thought. I really need to work on the flaws for my characters too. Thanks for the insight.

    1. Hi Marlow,
      It's like trying to teach you child to lie, cheat, and steal. :) I can see that we'll both be struggling with this in the months ahead.