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ARTISAN INTERVIEW: Recycled Salvaged Designs

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Like many of my blog readers, I love art in all it's forms. Especially intriguing are those mediums that are beyond my imagination and ability, and the artisans that bring them to life. My guest today, Raymond from Recycled Salvage Designs, fits that description, talented, inspired, and totally awesome. Raymond is a very busy man, so let's jump right into this interview.

(Lynda) What are you doing when you’re not creating? 

(Raymond) stuff on internet, just started going back to the gym I am seeing that without my health I will not be able to make art

(Lynda) Do you have other hobbies or artistic mediums you work in?
(Raymond) I have no hobbies. I work with recycled salvage metal and found metal objects, along with some reclaimed wood.

(Lynda) How do you market your work? 
(Raymond) I have just shut my on-line store down after a year and 3 months of much work on the internet marketing it. I am now going public curious to see what is going to happen.

(Lynda) What inspires you? Describe one real-life example. 
(Raymond) My life is my inspiration it is very colorful, many up and downs. I draw from my own experiences in making of art. At present I have several projects going seems I can't stay with one always getting sidetracked.

(Lynda) What’s your favorite piece of work that you've created? 
(Raymond) My favorite would be a steampunk throne is what I am calling it.

(Lynda) Do you have long-term professional goals
(Raymond) My long term goals are to put a smile on someone's face to bring some beauty into this dark world, to make a difference.

(Lynda) What wouldn’t you do without?
(Raymond) I have done without much for art, have worked myself to death trying to make up for lost time. I taught myself to weld in Oct 2013. The way I see it I have much time to make up. I don't date. I have no life but art. Dress like a raggedy man. I have tunnel vision and a will to succeed, that's what I know. 

(Lynda) What is your dream project
(Raymond) My dream project would be to succeed in art and help build a no-kill animal shelter built in Longview, Texas, to make a difference, to get laws changed...mandatory spay and neuter laws.

(Lynda) What got you interested in art?
(Raymond)What you should know about my art is I try not to copy anyone, I guess I get ideas tho. What got me interested in art is Deep Ellum in the early 80s in Dallas Texas. Street Graffiti decorated the walls in this area also industrial music was very popular at this time, Nine Inch Nails, Nitzer Ebb, and others. Metal art was popular as well metal furniture in the store's in this unique area of Dallas. This was the true beginning of the industrial scene. I would look at it and think, someday I want to learn to weld. That was many years ago I was in my 20s.  

(Lynda) Have you taken any art classes
(Raymond)The only education I have had in art is in 4 th grade art class.  My favorite project was outlining our hands and making a turkey, I only know what I like. I was a picker of vintage before teaching myself to weld, did so for 18 years. People said I had a creative eye for what I bought to sell.
(Lynda) How do you know when a work is finished?
(Raymond) A piece of work is finished when I make the decision to finally walk away for the last time. Sometimes this requires much effort.

(Lynda) How do you market your work?
(Raymond) am marketing my art now by going public, trying to find some great galleries that work and sell from consignments, then I don't mind paying them to sell. Like I said, I have only been doing art a little over a year, still a learning process for me.

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  1. Such amazing art. You are so prolific in the short time you have been creating. Thanks for sharing your work and spirit.

  2. Keep doing what you love to do and you will be successful. Very appealing art. Great interview.

  3. Talent. Don't give up. Great interview. Loved your heart and honesty.

  4. Raymond Guest artist Recycled Salvage Design