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ARTISAN INTERVIEW with Sara Lazaroff

I'm excited to present the second spotlight in my new ARTISAN INTERVIEWS. My guest artisan today is Sara Lazaroff. Sara, please tell us when you first became interested in art.
The Bedroom & Living Room Page From The Maplewood Brochure
 Individual Page Size: 6in x 9in
Full Size While Open: 6in x 19in.
 Material: White Photo Supreme Double-Sided Matte Paper.

(Sara) It’s difficult to remember when art wasn’t a part of my life. As a child, the personal world of creativity and artistic expression gave me a calming retreat that always slowed time down to enjoy the present moment. Now, as a 31- year-old graphic designer, I direct my creativity outward, infusing a sense of personality, professionalism and my own brand of artistic flair into each project my clients and I create together. I love the promise of limitless potential that being creative holds, where imagination can overcome the limitations of ‘no’ and set me free from the stifling rules the ‘no’ demands. This limitless helps me look past artistic norms and work from a mentality based on a “yes, I can!” attitude that helps me reach out to the many possibilities that life can offer. My appreciation for a variety of artistic styles has cause my own style to evolve over time to include illustration, abstraction, Baroque, grunge techniques and geometric forms. The evolution continues as I work at incorporating De Stijl philosophy, Swiss design principles, and Modern Architecture into design projects. Like most artists, I have one main space where I create, but I like to see my studio immersed in the outdoors, which allows me to be inspired to draw everything I find.

Along with creativity comes ambition, and a childhood dream was to be the CEO of a company that specialized in doing what I love every second of the day, so after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Cal State University Fullerton, I began Apercu Design Studio, and appointed myself Lead Designer. Apercu Design Studio provides a full spectrum of creative design services which include illustration, photography, painting, desktop publishing, exhibit design, multimedia animation, marketing collateral, and web design. Apercu Design Studio also has an online presence at, which is stocked with a variety of products showcasing original designs and signature styles found only in the Apercu Design Studio portfolio. It’s highly motivating to know that each day brings with it the opportunity to use my creative ability and artistic training to help clients realize their creative goals which leads to establish a personal relationship with each client and because of this my clients are just like family.

(Lynda) Do you travel for inspiration?

Egyptian Mural Process
Mural painting as background for fish tank for private party.
 Canvas Size: 24in x 30in.
Material: Acrylic paint
(Sara) Traveling to create art is an adventure when you consider all the things an artist goes through to finish a project. I drive up to 100 miles to observe the architecture of museums, corporate buildings, retail stores, and residential houses before I enter, as well as any exhibit that reveals another side to a design I am currently working on. The first thing I notice while shopping retail stores is the unique designed window displays. A window display needs to check off several requirements off my project list in order to enter the store for research purposes. As I browse the store, I observe the mission statement of the company and see how that message translates into how the store functions atheistically. I use my designer eye to search for the best colors, patterns and textures throughout the store, posters on the walls, and accessories that give the store personality. I also observe the people in the store to understand why that person was captivated to come in and browse. I enjoy touching textures, fabrics, and artwork to get a feel for the pattern and material if I am allowed. 

I watch educational television shows at home with subjects that are related to the project. Sometimes the show transports me into another country where I experience culture, historic areas, and daily life of native people. Each book or article I find is like a piece of a puzzle where I need to think like Sherlock Holmes and analyze each fact and sketch an idea on paper to see if it solves the mystery of the perfect design solution. Most books are found in a mysterious dark corner where the lights turn on as you walk by, on the other side of the building or on another floor. 

When an object or surrounding area inspires me, I walk up to it to get a closer view. I usually move around the object to get a more unique angle with my camera. Outdoor inspiration consists of hiking in the hills, a rocky soft sand beach, distance in feet to the found item, and placement of item compared to other objects in my composition.

(Lynda) Do you have other hobbies or artistic mediums you work in? 

(Sara)Through the years I choose mediums that suite concept the best. Mediums:  Adobe Creative Suite Software for Mac and PC Platform  Various Design Techniques  Specialized Papers  Various Printing Practices  Art History Research  Scanned Images  Web Design  Photography  Embossing  Drawing  Painting  Graphite Pencils  Human Finger  Rubber Eraser  Kneaded Eraser  Prisma Color Pencils  Charcoal  Balsa Wood  Clay  Ink

(Lynda) Have you had memorable reactions and comments toward your work? 

(Sara) I always believed in the philosophy, ‘Go Big Or Go Home.’ If I don’t take risks and challenge myself, the artwork and message will not leap off the page and command full potential communication to the world. When I am in a relaxed state of mind and looking to make a decision on aspects of the project, I always find the answer when I lease expect it. Sometimes when life gets tough and doubt overcomes me, I go back to think how much I accomplished and persevered over the years in hardship. If I already accomplished the hardest things in life, this small moment I am facing too shall pass. 

(Lynda) What are you working on at the moment? 

(Sara) Creating content for large social media marketing campaign across Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Offering my Graphic Artist services to anyone that may need design experience in:  Original concepts  Custom illustration  Custom photography  Custom painting  Desktop publishing  2D & 3D models  Exhibit design  Multimedia animation  Marketing collateral  Web design 

Building my inventory by designing product graphics and gaining inspiration for:  Home Décor  Dinner Party Décor  Wall Décor  Sport Accessories  Office Accessories  Cases and Covers: Desktop laptop, tablet and mobile devices  Head to Toe Accessories: Neck tie, scarf, socks, bandana, socks and flip-flops  Greeting Cards and Stationery  Women’s, Men’s, and Child t-shirt graphics  Kids Accessories

(Lynda) What wouldn’t you do without?
Mod Round Tablecloth
Seamless one-piece design for dinner parties.
Size: 90in diameter
 Material: Formated files for Cafepress printer and server.
 Printed by on 100% Polyester fabric.

(Sara)   Faith in God and prayer  Support from family and friends  A pencil or pen to write with, paper, and recorder to capture ideas out of the blue before subjects leave or disappear from my mind  Let the artistic flow happen no matter how silly or complex the task is to accomplish  Open mind nature and let the creative juice flow when brainstorming  Camera  Laptop with running software  Printer  Scanner  Aromatherapy  Eat clean diet  Exercise  Inner peace  Organized research  Positive thoughts  Ambitious spirit that loves a challenge 

(Lynda) Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others? 

(Sara) Daily walk: Have wonder like a child to discover the world around you. Don’t live in the past or future, live in present and enjoy every second. Strive for a heart of gold. Help those in need to your highest ability. Create a resilient spirit. Don’t let someone live your life for you. We all have a purpose, so dig deep to find it. What is right with many may not be right for you. Let God lead your path to clear pastures. Follow your dreams no matter how difficult it’s been so far. Most of all be true to yourself and everything else will follow. 

Project tips: The art hubs of Southern California are located in Downtown Los Angeles, Culver City, Ventura, Burbank, Glendale, Venice and other beach cities, Pasadena, Fullerton, and Brea. Write a detailed contract with all the details of the project so client and designer can understand what they are responsible for and what needs to be accomplished. A clear day is the perfect scenario for photography sessions as well as a few hours before sunset to capture natural golden glow lighting without a filter. Communication with model and stagehands, how to operate a camera, and finalizing images are keys to brilliant compositions. Make sure you are looking at the right spot on the subject before reevaluating the drawing. If you want the area to blend better on a drawing use your index finger. If you want the area to blend better on a painting use a very small dry cloth. I receive superior fine art results from using Aaron Brothers, and Dick Blick art supplies. Cheap supplies equal poor craftsmanship and presentation. A steady hand in using an exacto knife is key to a straight line and accurate pressure. Hours and money can be wasted if one party or both parties are not being direct in communication under tight deadlines. Time is of the essence, so I create shortcuts to receive the best results in the quickest amount of time.

(Lynda) What qualities do you think are most important when creating art? 

(Sara) Getting in touch with my inner child and remember what made me stand out as an individual and considered ‘different’ by some and embrace those authentic memories to develop the Apercu Design Studio brand. Each brainstorm session I need to clear my mind of obvious answers in order to think differently. Eat a well balanced meal, exercise and meditate to sustain energy to embody an adrenaline junkie thought process that helps me remain in a creative zone for as long as possible. Research topics inside and out to understand the meaning, explore related topics and how those ideas work together. A concept represents the sum total of the creative process, requirements and functionally to create a design solution. Strip a design to its essential elements for more clarity and impact. Don’t give up when a solution is not working. Go over the list and think of alternative routes that will be an equal or better solution. Always have a backup plan. Organize computer files, paper work, various mediums, and studio for fast and easy access. During the process, look over the client’s and boss’s must have list several times, so not a single item will be left out on the final presentation and will solve all problems. Fresh and high quality supplies on a comfortable budget for a superior final presentation.

Graphic Artist Services: 
Custom Product Graphics 

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