Saturday, March 21, 2015

Author Interview: IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS BY Chrys Fey

My guest today is Chrys Fey. Welcome to Between The Pages, Chrys. Please introduce yourself and then I'll ask you some questions that will help us get to know you a little better.

Hi everyone! I’m Chrys Fey, the author of Hurricane Crimes and 30 Seconds. I am a lover of rock music, fairy tales, and cats. I started writing when I was twelve-tears-old and haven’t stopped since. I am thrilled to be here on Lynda’s blog. Her interview sounded so unique and fun that I couldn’t pass up on it. Let’s get started. Shall we?

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, What would my writing space look like?

(Chrys) Your desk would have a witch’s cauldron (or what I refer to as a writer’s cauldron) full of pens, highlighters, and scrap paper. You’d also have a green Power Ranger action figure sitting on your desk, which was a gift from your nephew to battle writer’s block.

(Lynda) I must admit, I've never considered an action figure as a weapon against writer's block. Very original. :)

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, What things would inspire me?

(Chrys) Anything and everything. A screw you unearthed from the roots of grass when you were a child would inspire a whole series that would spark your passion for writing. A safety pin you see sitting on your nightstand will inspire a scene in a story, and every dream you have a night will have the potential to become a book.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, What would I do when taking a break from writing?

(Chrys) You’d read every chance you get, indulge in Thursday night TV (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder), draw fashion designs, pen song lyrics, and make jewelry.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, Do I have any critters that keep me company while writing?

(Chrys) Absolutely! You’d have four cats that you rescued from your backyard from an unknown fate involving rowdy twin boys. These kitties will stretch out on your desk, leaving very little room for your keyboard.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, Do I write for myself or my readers?

(Chrys) You’d write for yourself AND for your readers. The first draft is always more for yourself, but as you edit it, you’re perfecting it with your readers in mind.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, Would I get excited over seeing my book cover for the first time?

(Chrys) You’d never get over that excitement. Seeing your book cover for the first time is the most amazing feeling. It lets you know your story is really going to be published and it’s also a thrill to see your story come to life with colors and pictures.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, Would I have a website or blog? If so, where can they be found? Do I offer promo features for other writers on my blog?

(Chrys) You would have both. Your blog will be the most important tool, though. This is where you’ll offer writing tips on Mondays, fun posts for readers on Wednesdays, and author guests on Fridays for interviews and scene spotlights. You’d call your blog Write with Fey.

(Lynda) And Chrys has a new READER'S INTERVIEW feature on her blog that is very fun and interesting. I really enjoy reading those.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, And I was stuck in solitary confinement, what five items would I most want with me?

(Chrys) An infinite supply of notebooks and pens, Internet access so you could blog and email your editor, and lots tea and chocolate for that mid-afternoon craving!







  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Lynda! I'm sorry I'm late. I've been busy packing and cleaning for my approaching moving day. The post looks great. And I had a blast answering your questions. :)

    I hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. I'm sorry to be late also. Spent the day in the emergency room to find out the pain I am experiencing is due to Shingles. But thank you so much for being my guest. I loved your interview.

  3. Tell me, does having that Power Ranger there really help? And your blog is great, Chrys.