Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I'm please to have as my guest today author N. N. Light. MRS N, why don't you introduce yourself and then we'll start the interview.

My name is MRS N aka N. N. Light and I have been creating stories ever since I was little. My grandfather remembers when I was two years old, I stood at the top of the stairs and told him a story filled with emotion (and in a language foreign to him) with my hands on my hips. Let’s just say I was a born storyteller.

I am an author, blogger, book promoter/reviewer, editor, freelance writer and social media marketer.

I wrote Princess of the Light in response to a life-changing encounter with a homeless man in my neighborhood. Princess of the Light is an inspiring Urban Fantasy Romance and part of the proceeds will go directly to food banks in order to feed the hungry and help those in need. With only 7,500 books sold, I will be able to set up a monthly endowment for the local food bank.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, If I took a drive in the area I live, what might I see?

I live in a cozy neighborhood filled with tall trees, older buildings and houses. My windows look out at beautiful willow trees and there are railroad tracks that pass less than 100 yards from my front door. While many people dislike the noise of the trains, I love them. I find them soothing and many weekends, I sit out on the solarium with my husband and watch the trains go by. This picture I took from my solarium one summer evening.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, Would I also read a lot, if so, how do I fit that into my schedule and why is it important to me?

(MRS N)  No matter what I’m working on, I always make time to read. I love to read and reading spurs my muse into action. I make time to read because it is a great way to learn first-hand about the craft. Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, Jane Green, Mary Higgins Clark, J. R. R. Tolkien are all terrific writing mentors.

Reading Tip: If time is very limited, read while commuting and/or in the washroom. I know it sounds strange but I read in the washroom. It helps me relax and it allows me to read at least thirty minutes a day.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, What character was the most difficult to write, and why?

(MRS N) In Princess of the Light, the most difficult character to write was Gabriel, archangel and messenger to God. I had to think like an angel while not being preachy. I believe angels are looking out for us and guide us along the way. I wanted to incorporate that belief in my depiction of Gabriel. I didn’t want to put Gabriel on a pedestal so I tried to show a weakness in him. It was subtle but it is there.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, And I was stuck in solitary confinement, what five items would I most want with me?

  • A laptop with videos of my beloved husband talking to me. I couldn’t make it through without his voice with me.
  • An unending supply of chocolate. It’s my weakness and I love it.
  • My Bible. It will help me get through the dark days and nights without going crazy
  • An mp3 filled with my favorite music. Music is the pulse that keeps me going.
  • Stationary set. If I am able to write, I am able to deal with solitary confinemen
(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, What would be the best/worst advice I've received from family, friends, or others?

(MRS N) My father said, “You are my diamond and you will always shine, no matter what.” He then dedicated the Pink Floyd song to me.

(Lynda Asks:) IF I WERE YOU AND WROTE BOOKS, Do I have a favorite color, movie, ice cream flavor, and drink?

(MRS N) My favorite color is purple. My favorite movie is Love Actually. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter swirl. My favorite drink is wine (currently Mateus).

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Thank you, Lynda, for having me on your blog today! I really appreciate it!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your wonderful blog today! :) MRS N

    1. It's my pleasure. I really enjoyed the interview and the tip on finding time to read. I love to read first thing in the morning while I'm having my first cup of coffee. It's only 20-30 minutes but I enjoy that time and it starts my day out right. Best of success to you!

    2. What a great idea, Lynda! I will have to try that tomorrow. :)

  2. You ask the most interesting questions! What a great interview!

    1. Thank you. I love interviews, especially those that allow us to see a new or less known aspect of a writer's life and work. I'm happy that so many authors have participated and bravely jumped into these questions. :)

  3. "My father said, “You are my diamond and you will always shine, no matter what.” He then dedicated the Pink Floyd song to me."

    Awww. Love it, Mrs. N! Great interview. :-)

  4. I love your dad :) Great interview Mrs. N, I enjoyed learning more about you.
    Jacquie Biggar

    1. Awww thanks so much Jacquie! :) He's never far from my mind, especially this week (anniversary of his death). :)