Monday, September 21, 2015

Spotlight on FLY GUYS MONDAY MADNESS by Bobby Thandi

About The Book:

A new young children's book, ‘Fly Guys: Monday Madness’ tells the fun story of two unlikely best friends, a fly called Fuzz and 5-year-old Alice. Their mop-based adventure to the moon is brought crashing back to earth when Alice’s dad attempts to swat Fuzz. When Fuzz asks Alice why her dad hates flies, the story takes a thoughtful turn and raises questions about difference, diversity and friendship.

Breeze @TexasMomToThree

Breeze is a mother of three girls who love 'Storytime'. She enjoys finding and reading great books to them. I thank her for sharing her thoughts on these stories here at BETWEEN THE PAGES.

Breeze: Things I liked About This Book  

After reading this book I will never be able to look at a fly the same way. It was a cute story about Alice and her best bug friend Fuzz. Alice's dad is not a fan of Fuzz's Buzzy-Bug-Flapping so this presents a problem and you will enjoying reading how they work it out. The illustrations are unique and help to tell the story all on their own. This book also encourages kids to use their imagination much like Alice and Fuzz do. It teaches a good lesson in how to handle differences when they arise and the importance of friendship. This is the first book in what is sure to be a family favorite series! 

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