Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I'm thrilled to announce that, CROSSING THE CHASM, the companion book to THE OCEAN BETWEEN is complete and available for purchase. I thank all my loyal fans for continuing to request this continuation of Califar and Jessica's story. You're the inspiration behind this book.

Contemporary Sweet Romance
COPYRIGHT © 2016 by Lynda Coker
Length: 100 Pages
Available: PDF Instant Download
Price: $3.00

About The Book:
Califar Cadin, First Regent of the Middle Eastern country of Ahalamin, is a man of tradition, authority, and determination. But to Jessica Heathly, he’s the arrogant tyrant who calls her WIFE.

Jessica is waiting to board her flight home after visiting her friend, the Princess of Ahalamin. But a botched abduction by a local terrorist group finds her imprisoned in a sweltering desert camp awaiting execution. She needs a miracle--but the Devil will have to do...


  1. That intro to the book is a sure fire teaser to make me want to read what happens next to Jessica.

  2. Jessica is a NYC Firefighter by career choice, quite an independent and capable woman. Califar is not the man of her dreams, but you know how dreams morph with reality! LOL Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. Writers sweat blood over writing taglines and back-cover book blurbs. It's hard to capsulize a story in just a few sentences. So your comment gives me hope that I've done it right.