Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spot The Lie Monday - Test Your Skill with Author Zoya Anwar

Mr. Einstein may have been correct, but... Fiction Writers develop their skills until they can tell one lie after another with hardly a comma between, weaving together fabrication upon fabrication until a thrilling new story emerges. 

Pit your lie-busting skills against my guest bloggers for this new series, Spot-The-Lie Mondays. 

The initial post will appear on Mondays and somewhere within this short narrative is a total falsehood, fib, deception. Can you find it? If you think you can, leave a comment as to what you think it is. And if you leave an email address within your comment, I'll send you a small thank you gift just for participating.

Be sure to return on Friday because that's when Author Zoya Anwar will reveal the lie and provide a unique writing prompt that incorporates the pesky little critter. 

Now, I'll turn the page over to my guest...

Many of you have probably heard of NaNoWriMo (national, novel, writing month (write 50,000 words in a month)). I discovered it while exploring the world of self publishing around a year ago, on the 31st of October. The starting date is the1st of November. It wasn't the best idea to then decide that I would enter the laborious task of writing 16679 words a day for a month with no planning. But I tried. And guess what... I failed

Last year, however, I started planning in September. And though I felt like giving up during the buzz of everyday life and the two hours a day it was taking me, the community on NaNoWriMo just kept me going. The motivation and determination the online community gave me was so important in my one month journey to right a book. There is no surprise to say I completed it.

But my point is, that when November comes aound, I encourage you all to also join in with the novelling. Yes, you could do it during every other month in the year but the joy of NaNoWriMo is the sheer support you can find. There is never a better time to write. 

The Lie Is: writing 16679 words a day for a month


  1. This is a real tough one, but I'd say you were planning long before September. Good luck for next year, whatever the dates you planned.