Monday, March 14, 2016

They Entice, Seduce, and Complete Us...Every Woman's Secret Love Affair...

What's so special about HANDBAGS? After all, aren't they just a practical means of carrying our girly essentials. For some, perhaps they're a survival kit filled with personal feminine items, money, mobile phones, make-up, credit cards, coupons, keys, tablets, sunblock, and the list goes on-and-on.

Every woman knows the secret contents of these handbags, and every man is mystified and rightfully cautious. What man, in his right mind, would willingly explore a woman's purse? I can see some of you men shudder at even the thought.

But why are women seduced by these creations? The answer is hidden in plain view. The Perfect handbag gives every woman her own distinct identity, one she chooses, whether reality or
fantasy, it's her BRAND, despite the label on the bag itself.

It makes no difference if she's rich or poor, famous or infamous, extrovert or introvert, short or tall, old or young, women will always have a Love Affair with their handbags. Money is no object, we'll do whatever it takes to obtain the creation that has stolen our heart because, only then are we complete!

Men sometimes wonder, what does she see that I don't? It's just a bag, after all...


But a woman can never be seduced by Just-A-Bag. An affair of the heart is mysterious and compelling. Make no mistake, the right bag will call a woman, beckon her, draw her like a magnet. It will capture her completely. How does it do this? By hues of color that are sensual and exciting; by shape that is mesmerizing and defining; and by texture that is delightful and stirring. And if it's a One-of-a-Kind creation, the need to make it her own becomes obsessive.

Is this phrase familiar, Resistance is Futile? Women everywhere will always be assimilated into the world of Designer created handbags. My advice, don't struggle, just enjoy the experience!

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  1. You are so right Lynda. Every woman has an item that she has a fetish for. Be it shoes, handbags, jewelry or hats. Once, we see the one we can't live without it beckons us to buy it deep within our soul.