Thursday, May 19, 2016

Meet the Dynamism behind LITTLE FEET BIG ADVENTURES

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My Guest today is Breeze Leonard. 
Breeze is the creative dynamism behind Little Feet Big Adventures, a trending new voice in the realm of family travel blogging. After reading Breeze's new blog, I'm convinced that she and her little traveling companions will open new windows of exploration, new goals for intrepid family travelers, and will provide a source of awesome and humorous travel experiences that will inspire us all. Be sure to bookmark her blog. Take my word for it, this blog will soon become the 'GO-TO' Guide for all those families with little feet who are ready, set, and just raring to go adventuring.

Now let's let Breeze introduce herself and then maybe she will be gracious enough to answer some questions for me.

Hi, my name is Breeze and I'm a family travel blogger. With a wonderful husband and three little vagabonds, I'm determined to bust the MYTH that you can't travel once you have kids. How am I going to accomplish that, BY DOING IT!

We are an ordinary family of 5 that travels on a budget. We are striving by our own real life experiences to encourage other families to go on adventures together. From our own backyard to overseas travel, we are making memories!

Breeze, what inspires you? Describe one real-life example.
Seeing my children's faces as they experience something for the first time. I'll never forget the first time my girls saw the ocean or their first airplane experience. I love watching their eyes light up! It seems like a small gift that I am able to give them each time they take in something new.

Do you have long-term professional goals that encompass your Travel Blog and your family?
Absolutely, I feel goals are extremely important! Our current goal is to road trip through all the
National Parks in the U.S. and share those experience with my blog readers. We love road trips and National Parks, so it just makes sense! And I have a few other adventures in the works that I'll be sharing in the weeks and months to come. Our adventure schedule is full, so I invite everyone to follow us, we'd love to have your company. Besides my blog, you can also keep track of us on TwitterFB, and Intagram

What kind of research or preparation do you do in advance?
I'm always researching new family friendly travel destinations. I try to stay up-to-date on the best theme parks, hotels, events, and much more that are geared towards the whole family. From experience I have learned that a little research can go a LONG way in making a trip go as smooth as possible. 

Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others?
The best advice I have to give for family travel is to get off the beaten path. What I mean by that is chose places that are not the most well known or popular. The times we have traveled to smaller locations that are perhaps not as common are the times we have enjoyed the most.

Do you travel for inspiration?
Yes! As much as possible. It's amazing how you can travel to somewhere that just gives you inspiration to write, photograph or create! We don't always have to travel far to achieve that inspiration. I've gone to local parks and had the "light bulb" come on so to speak. 

What sorts of things are inspiring you right now? Where do you look for inspiration?
Spring is inspiring me! The colors, the smells and just how refreshing it seems. The warmer weather is encouraging families to get outdoors together. I look to my kids for inspiration, if they are enjoying something then I get inspired by their happiness!

Can you describe your blog's target audience?
My target audience is anyone who loves travel. Yes, my primary focus is on traveling with kids but I have taken a few solo adventures that would appeal to anyone who travels. We do a lot of at-home activities that would interest anyone taking care of kids. We love including our grandmas and grandpas in our travel excursions as well!

Are you willing to do interviews, collaborative projects, product or travel location reviews?
Of course! The more I learn about all things travel the better I'll be at passing that information on to my readers!

Thank you Lynda for sharing our love of travel with your readers here at Between The Pages. And if anyone has any questions, drop a comment here and I'll do my best to answer them. And be sure to come visit us at

Happy Travels,


  1. Family road trips are a must in my book. My Mom took us on trips every summer to visit family and see the sights in the area. I love to travel and have had the privelege of visiting many countries with my family.
    I love the name Breeze. Your parents must be real nature lovers too.

  2. Thank you Marsha for your kind words. We think travel memories should be a part of everyone's childhood! I love that my parents gave me a unique name, it seems to fit me well.