Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BOOK REVIEW - Let's Learn Spanish by Judy Martialay

Hola! Let's Learn Spanish by Judy Martialay 
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¡HOLA! gives children 6-10 an early and fun start in learning Spanish. Parents can use it with their children, whether or not they know Spanish. Please go to the audio page at for your free download of the audio version. Follow the book along with the audio to learn the pronunciation. Kids take an imaginary trip to Mexico where they meet Panchito the Mexican Jumping Bean. They follow his adventures while being drawn into the culture and learning Spanish. Activities follow to practice Spanish. They include a treasure hunt and a skit. Culture Corner give more ideas for practicing Spanish while learning more about Mexico, including the song for breaking a piƱata. Children can follow directions for making a traditional Mexican Mask. Parents should go to Parents' page on website for more advice on how to use the book.

As my family and I travel to different places we are always excited to interact with others who speak a different language! The most common language around us besides English is Spanish. I have often wished that my children would be able to learn the Spanish language. I have wondered how I could do this when I myself only know a few Spanish words. I have the pleasure of sharing with you a fun, interactive, and educational way to introduce the Spanish language to your children. It's a children's book designed for children around the ages of 6-10. 

I enjoyed sharing this book with my 7 year old daughter. She is especially motivated to learn Spanish and we had fun reading together. What I loved is how many different ways this book helps you to learn the language. First you have a fun imaginary trip to Mexico with Pete the Pilot and then you get to meet Panchito the Mexican Jumping Bean who takes you on fun adventures. After the story you get a chance to practice some of the words you learned. There are many clever ways that this book introduces new Spanish words to it's readers and I loved this unique aspect of the book. You also get a cultural lesson which is very educational! Do your kids like art projects? There is a fun craft section in the book that helps you make a fun traditional Mexican mask! This book is full of wonderful ways to encourage your children (and yourself) to enjoy learning Spanish!

Don't worry if you don't know any Spanish, there is a website where you can download the audio version of the book! There are resources on the website that provides advice and articles on language learning for children! What a wonderful way for kids and parents to share in learning a new language. We highly recommend this book for you and your family! I give this book 5 STARS!

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