Thursday, June 2, 2016

For Aging Women: Move With The Rhythm of Your Heart!

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If you are fortunate enough to live many decades, bask in
the glory of each portal.
Yes! I'm going to hit that big 70 years-of-age mark in a few weeks. Did I just hear a sigh? Why are you looking sad? YOU DIDN'T just say how sorry you are for me, did you? 

Let's get a reality check. Bodies age, MINDS and HEARTS do not, at least, not in the conceptual sense. Sure, you're a lot more experienced, a lot more used, and a lot wiser, but from your inside perspective, aren't you still the young woman who was so eager to live her life to the fullest extent possible? Aren't your emotions still as fresh and beautiful as they were when you were a bouncy girl of nineteen?

Well then, don't falter, don't despair, just keep the pace! What do I mean by that? Give me a minute and I'll try to explain.

  • Move with the rhythm of your HEART: Don't let aging and the problematic issues that come with it mess with your rhythm. How long has it been since you meditated through the eyes of your heart? When's the last time you hummed along with the birds as they rejoiced in the morning light? When's the last time you sat in the dirt and giggled with a group of toddlers? When is the last time you danced to a favorite tune on the radio, or turned your car radio up loud and sang like a music diva? 
  • Travel, Explore, Learn, and Reach Higher Through the Power of Your MIND: Have you read a how-too book lately, started a new hobby, expanded your circle of friends, or volunteered in some type of community service? If not, why not? It's true, as we age we become slower and weaker, BUT, we're not dead yet. For every level of physical ability there is a variety of appropriate activities. YOU just need to get out of the lounge chair and find yours! 
If you give up on life, it will slip away from you at a much higher speed. Get inspired, better yet, BE INSPIRING! Every big '0', 50, 60, 70, 80, etc. is a wonderful portal to a new and awesome decade. Not everyone gets the privilege to experience them, DON'T WASTE YOURS!

How do you Move with the rhythm of your HEART? Leave us a comment...


  1. Congrats! on reaching 70! My Mom is 74 and is on her 18th year of pioneering (volunteering in the community teaching God's Kingdom) I learned a lot from her example. And, I agree with you, age is just a number.
    The mind still thinks like you are going to live forever. I follow my heart and it loves nature. I do everything I can in my yard to bring nature to me. Flowering plants, bird feeders, shade trees and a small vegetable garden. I love butterflies and that is where my heart is really connected with nature. My house is filled with them in all forms, real and artistic.
    I'm in my 50 decade. My husband is in his 60's. Our daughter is in her 20's. We all make the most out of each day and thank God for each precious moment we live!
    Thanks for sharing a little corner of your world with us.

  2. Marsha, thank you for sharing those beautiful expressions and giving us a glimpse of your wonderful family. I too love butterflies, they are such a special gift from our creator. Little bits of sunshine and wonder that flutter in and out of our lives, leaving a trail of delight and adorableness wherever they go. Forever with those little creatures is just barely long enough, what a future hope!