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Writers often draw from real life experiences, those exceptional moments that bring a plot twist, setting, conflict, resolution, motivation, or characterization into clear focus in a way we never before envisioned. It's an awe inspiring occasion, to say the least. These instances happen at all points in a writer's life and at the most unexpected moments. In this new series of blogs, we'll get a replay of such moments from the writer's personal perspective. 

Let me introduce my guest today, Author Rico Lamoureux.

Rico Lamoureux is an author who believes in substance over cliche writing, diversity over genre. He's a life-long lover of story, and has been a storyteller for over thirty years. His stories of substance engage, excite, and enlighten, as reflected by the critical acclaim they have received. “Great storytelling isn't easy to find. Whether it be in film, literature, music, or so on. I always feel grateful when I come upon a tale that moves me, and have made it my life's work to create such for those seeking the same.”

Rico, the page is all yours:

Thank you, Lynda.

There’s an ancient Japanese saying, “Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo,” which basically means anything that crosses our path, no matter how grand or how mundane, could be the missing piece to the puzzle we’re currently trying to complete. In other words, answers to questions we might have at any given time are often surrounding us, if we just learn how to observe with an open mind.

These light bulb moments have super-charged my creative process more times than I can recall, but one thing is certain; I’m grateful for each and every moment of illumination!
One instance I do remember is back when I was writing Destined, a dramatic story about a pair of soul mates trying to find each other after being separated by passing away from their previous lives. I had the skeleton for the tale and a solid beginning, but the one missing piece to this epic puzzle was still eluding me. It was a piece, that, once fit perfectly into place, would take care of everything else to follow. A location that would bring the two destined souls closer, yet still keep them apart for a bit more struggle.

The time of year happen to be March, and as I surfed through the channels of my cable provider I came upon news footage of New Orleans’ annual Mardi Gras party. Watching the festive group of people celebrate among the floats, beads, food and drink, it was as if I was right there in the French Quarter, my two main characters nearby, so close yet unable to reconnect due to the subplot going on within the buzzing streets of The Big Easy.

BAM! The flood gates had burst open, the light bulb moment shining so bright that it kept me up all night, my pen waving across one sheet of paper after another like a magic wand!

As storytellers, these are the extraordinary moments we live for, creating with the art of words masterpieces that will burn on like an eternal flame long after we’re gone.

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