Thursday, July 14, 2016

First Update - Sewing Room Is a Disaster: Organization Challenge

Isn't this pathetic? I'm down to working on one small corner
Of my cutting table. And lately I've found some garage sales
with fabric and trims that I just couldn't pass up. BUT, as you
can see, my space is runneth over with stuff...
~CHECK back often to follow my progress as I post the AFTER photos.~ 

I'm joining the creative buzz Marsha has started over at Markets of Sunshine. Marsha has issued a Four Weeks to a Clutter Free Room Challenge  which I'm in desperate need to tackle. My sewing room is in a state of deep depression from neglect...well, not neglect exactly, but a lack of organizing-as-you-go-skills.
I have two of these
closets to tackle. The
second once is worse,
believe me!

I seem to run on two modes: Hyper Creative and Non-Hyper Creative. In the first mode, I run on adrenaline with loads of inspiration and project ideas with no time or thought to the mess I'm building around me. In the second mode, I'm exhausted and in no mood to organize the disaster. Eventually, however, the chaos begins to take on a life of its own with one trap and 
suffocate me! 

I'm starting here first since this area
isn't as bad as some of the others. The
biggest problem is, I'm running out
of space to put things. And heaven
forbid I should have to get rid of
anything! I might need it...
Hence the need for some outside motivation. Thank You, Marsha!

Okay, as bad as I hate to expose my clutter to all my dear readers, (I fear you may suffer from shock effect), I know you wont appreciate the task I've set for myself without
some visual
BEFORE: I can't even find a pin or
needle on my desk area. This is where I
 sketch project ideas and sit down to 
finish the hand work on my 
sewing projects.
proof, so here are a few areas in my sewing room that are in dire need of organization. Although Marsha has set a limit of four weeks to accomplish her challenge, I think mine will take all summer! Anyway, I'll post updates as I transform these calamitous areas.

AFTER: I can actually see the top of
the desk and have room to work.
I love it!
Since it's a well known fact that Misery Loves Company, why don't you join us. And be sure to leave a comment about your project so we can cheer you on!


  1. This is how my kitchen looks after I cook. I lack the skill to clean along the way. I can make some amazing tasty dishes but the aftermath will be a room full of dirty dishes, left over ingredients and spices everywhere!

  2. That's funny that you brought that up because I have great skills about cleaning as I go when I'm cooking. I can't figure out why it doesn't spill over into my sewing activities. Thanks for your thoughts Breeze. Let us know how it goes if you tackle the challenge.

    1. Thank you so much Lynda for joining me in my challenge, 4 weeks to a clutter free room! This is week 2 for me and I am working on another corner of my business storage room. I'll be doing a post this week showing the progress. The boxes on the floor will be totally gone. Yay!

  3. Travel Mom Breeze I am that same way when I cook. My daughter used to love my meals but hate the clean-up afterward. lol But, she is now the same way. hehe! She is recently married so they cook together make a huge mess and then clean up together. They make a great team.