Friday, August 19, 2016

Book Overview: Margaret Truman's DEADLY MEDICINE (Donald Bain)

Instead of the traditional review, I strive to provide a few simple factors about the book that I hope prospective readers will find interesting and informative. I won't be giving a rating, as I think those are very misleading in general. So read over the SYNOPSIS, FACTORS OF INTEREST, and, if you want, use the Amazon link to find traditional book reviews. Then make your own assumption as to whether this book is for you or not. ~Lynda~

  • Print Length: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Forge Books 
  • ASIN: B0182BW4VQ

Story Synopsis:

If someone in the pharmaceutical industry came upon a cheaper, non-addictive, and more effective painkiller, would he kill for it?

Washington D.C. private detective Robert "Don't call me Bobby" Brixton, along with his mentors, attorneys Mac and Annabel Smith, discover that the answer is a resounding "Yes," as they try to help Jayla King, a medical researcher at a small D.C. pharmaceutical firm, carry on the work of her father. His experiments in the jungles of Papua New Guinea in search of such a breakthrough product led to his brutal murder and the theft of his papers.

Did Jayla's father's lab assistant kill the doctor and steal his research? Is this shadowy figure prepared to kill again to keep Jayla from profiting from her father's work? Does her recent paramour's romantic interest reflect his true feelings―or will he sell her out and reap the rewards for himself? And to what lengths would Big Pharma's leading lobbyist go to cover up his involvement, and to protect a leading champion of the pharmaceutical industry―a Georgia senator with a shady past?

As Mac, Annabel, and Brixton soon realize, no pill can ease the pain that the answers to these questions inflict on everyone in this tale of greed, betrayal―and murder.

  • You will definitely learn more about the Capital than you probably knew existed and get an up-close view of the city's law enforcement, lawyers, high-powered politicians, pharmaceutical decision makers, and a few quirky characters that people this story.
  • This book falls easily under the Mystery Genre.
  • What is the ultimate price of a cheaper, non-additive pain reliever in terms of money, desire, greed, and integrity?
  • Medicine and new research should help people, right? Then why are corruption and murder in close pursuit?
  • Multiple story threads keep the plot moving in this suspenseful book.
  • Latest story in the Capital Crimes Series. 

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