Thursday, August 25, 2016

Etsy + Blogging Can be Like Running a Vertical Marathon

Photo Credit - Neeta Lind
I recently found an article on a Vertical Marathon challenge that was very interesting and reminded me of how I feel on some of my days as an Etsy Shop Owner, not to mention being the sole designer, production crew, shipping department, marketing team, and Chief Financial Officer.

Speed, endurance, and goal orientation are disciplines that both an athlete and business owner need. I can't imagine physically running up 2, 041 stairs in 10 minutes, but, when I contemplate my design, production, and site management goals for the day, the climb is definitely straight up.

Having stated this, the question now arises, WHY add blogging to all those labor intensive pursuits? Truth is, I was a blogger long before I opened my Etsy shop and, after doing both for a few months, I began to see how beautifully they compliment each other. But to accomplish both I've found that time management is the illusive key. I say illusive because mine keep slipping out the back door...

Tablet Cover or Stylish Clutch - New at Icky Chic Designs
Time is precious and it's a commodity we could all use more of. So scheduling and prioritizing are the only tools I've found that help me conserve this resource. A fair division of labor between my two pursuits is also necessary. As a blogger, I think consistency makes it easier to focus on the goal and not the individual steps it takes to get there.

The upside to running an Etsy business, Icky Chic Designs, and blogging is that they are great soulmates. They compliment each other, offering support and meaningful content. Blogging not only allows me to showcase my own work, but It gives me a stage on which I can spotlight other talented artisans and innovators as well.

How do you manage multiple pursuits?

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  1. Great post! Love how you relate it to a marathon. Managing multiple pursuits is truly a matter of being organized with specific goals in mind. Otherwise I don't think I would even get out of bed!! LOL!!

    1. Hi Joanna,
      Thanks for stopping in today and leaving a comment. And I agree, specific goals are really good reasons to roll out of the bed in the morning.

  2. I use my gmail calendar to schedule everything important to help me balance my life and not forget anything. I'm new to Etsy and my Mom who is the Captain you mention in your article of Markets of Sunshine is helping me learn the ropes.

    1. Hi Kayla,
      The Gmail calendar is a very nifty little tool for keeping our schedules in order, and hopefully, keep us on track.