Monday, August 29, 2016


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For those who blog, or are thinking of starting their own blog, here are a few points you might find useful.

  • Use lists or bullet points.
  • Good – relevant photos (ALWAYS use photos.) 60 %  or more of readers linger longer on blogs that include a generous scattering of photos.
  • Use bold and italics with your font to highlight important points. 
  • Use subheadings
  • Short paragraphs (This is essential to insure that you have enough white space. Use of white space between paragraphs and in the margins increases comprehension by 20%) 
  • Along with the white space fact, is the relevant subject of using colored pages and fonts in our blogs. While some bloggers prefer color, the fact is, it creates problems for their readers. (Readers spend less time on blogs that are written in colored fonts or heavily colored pages.)
  • Use this link to check the reading level of your post  -  Readability Test Tool  (The average reading ability equates to 6-7th grade level. (This page has a reading score of 6 which means a 10-12 year-old will be able to understand the content.) And since most people are scanners, it's best to make your content easy to read to catch and hold their attention.
  • Include hyperlinks to relevant resources. Readers like having additional research or examples that are easily accessible. It's also a great way to add bonus information like recipes, quotes, or other useful material. 
  • Longer articles are better broken up into shorter ones. However, Your blog post should always contain more than 300 words, otherwise it will have too few words to insure that it will rank in search engines. 
  • Vary the length of your blog posts. Try these word count options throughout each month. 300 – 600 - 1200 (If you have a subject that requires more content, don't be afraid to write that lengthier article. (This post has 1095 words) Some of us actually like longer blog posts. *Who Knew...smiles precociously.
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  • Be careful of thin content! Thin content is full of keywords, CEO phrasing, remixed content from other sites, and low in quality or original material.

Make your blog fun to read. This is easier said than done because it requires revealing more of your personality than you might at first be comfortable doing. Here are a few ways to make this happen.
  1. Do a little storytelling. Incorporate personal experiences, quotes, embarrassing episodes, funny encounters, etc. that would illustrate your content and at the same time add a measure of humor.
  2. Use your introduction to draw out an emotional response from your reader. Consider introducing your topic in an empathetic or humorous way. Be fun and creative.
  3. Use an informal, friendly tone. Don't bore your readers with your best college professor persona!
Of course, it's not easy to incorporate all good blogging elements in every blog we write. But the more often we practice good writing, the easier it will become.

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Blogging is a specialized niche and therefore requires a specialized approach. It's not difficult! The key is to think less about ourselves and more about the kind of person who will read our blogs. What do they like, enjoy, need, require, etc. Then adapt your writing to accommodate your readers, when you can. Of course, some of our more avid readers may be beyond our scope of understanding, as the photo on the left indicates.

Have any blogging tips? Drop them in the comment box. We'd love to read them.


  1. Write about things you are passionate about. It's easier to be authentic when it's something you are interested in.

  2. Thank you for that tip, Little Feet... And you are so right. Our enthusiasm and originality come through when we blog about topics that impact our lives or that are important to us. Great Advice!

  3. I tend to write like Little Feet Big Adventures stated: Things I'm passionate about. I have strong opinions on things and I'm not afraid to share them. I do it with tact and kindness in order to help others who may be facing these same issues.

    1. Thank you, Markets of Sunshine, for those comments. I've read your blog and I can testify to the relevant and helpful content you blog about. I encourage other readers to visit both these blogs, Little Feet Big Adventures, and Markets of Sunshine.