Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Interview with Fine Art Photographer Georgia Fowler of GCFPhotography

My guest today is Fine Art Photographer Georgia Fowler. Georgia is the Artisan who showcases her work at GCFPhotography on Etsy, and on her website at GCFPhotography

I was personally drawn to Georgia's work. She captures images that compel me to sit and ponder their essence. It's not just their beauty, clarity, composition, or the perfect blending of light and shadow, they seem to have something they want to say...so I listen very carefully.

Georgia, please introduce yourself and let's start your interview. I'm eager to hear about your photographic adventures.

Good Morning, Lynda. I'm happy to be your guest today and excited about sharing some of my work and adventures with your readers here at Between The Pages.

...Hi, I’m Georgia Fowler. I’m a fine art photographer spending most of my time between two gorgeous countries, France and Thailand, and I’ve been photographing the beauty of Europe and Asia for more than 20 years.

I love spectacular pictures of architecture, cities, seascapes, textured vintage items, and tantalizing glimpses of European, Asian and American life and beaches.

I use professional Canon DSLR’s with a full range of lenses. I enjoy working in my ‘digital darkroom’ using Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop to reproduce what I felt and saw when the capture was made.

I try to see the small details that are often missed and create art for you to enjoy.

You can visit Georgia at Twitter and Facebook

Georgia, what are you doing when you’re not creating?

I pretty much live and breathe photography 24/7 but when I'm not I love to read. I love thrillers but also read a lot of inspirational books and books on health and natural living.

When I'm in France I love to cook and BBQ and of course eats lots of cheese and drink wine.
I love travel and seeing new places. I try to visit at least two new countries each year. This year I went to Vietnam for the first time and later on this year I am visiting Australia (although that will be for photography too!).

What is your dream project?

I have two actually!

The first one is because I have spent quite a while in Cambodia and I would love to use my photography to raise money for some of the orphanages there. There are some that are not so good, that exploit the children, but there are also ones that are totally genuine that I would love to help. I just haven't figured out how yet.

The second one is purely selfish! I would LOVE to spend a month or two travelling around the two islands of New Zealand in a camper van taking a zillion photos along the way.

Do you work alone?

I prefer to. I like to get lost in what I'm doing and that's difficult if I'm with other people. Sometimes we combine a family vacation with somewhere I want to photograph but I'm always conscious of everyone else and that I'm holding them up or want to wander down streets that hold no interest for anyone else.

I'm a bit of a loner anyway, so it usually suits me to work alone.

What else should we know about you and your work?

My fine art photography is my first love but I'm also an interior design photographer for luxury hotels and real estate. One of my favorite recent projects was photographing an 11th century castle in central France where apparently Joan of Arc stayed! It has been beautifully restored so was a pleasure to photograph.

What qualities do you think are most important when creating art?

Passion for what you do whether you make money at it or not.
Obsession with your art.

Constantly learning, never thinking you know enough.

Was your business planned, or did it naturally evolve?

It evolved really from a hobby and obsession with taking photos. At the time I was a stay at home homeschooling mum but wanted to make a bit of extra money and my sister had an Etsy shop so I thought I would try it out. I didn't have great equipment, just an entry level DSLR with a kit lens. We had recently been on a 4 month trip to Asia and I had lots of interesting pictures. I listed a few and sold a few and so it began!

Where do you see your business in the next year?

In the next year I would like to see my Etsy shop have more regular sales, daily sales is the ultimate goal. Although I opened it in 2014 I only started working on it in January of this year. I also plan on expanding with more Etsy shops for home furnishings like cushions, duvet covers, bags etc, maybe a separate shop for my colour photography as well.

For the other site I sell on, Fine Art America, I have almost 4000 images and plan on making that 5000 in the next year.

For my interior design business I would like more regular clients. I'm currently in negotiations with a large hotel group in the UK and am looking forward to working in Asia and Australia later this year.


Why not tell us what you love to photograph. Are you a hobbyist or Professional? We'd love to hear your thoughts. ~ Lynda


  1. What stunning shots. I too love photography. I am an armature at best. But, the ones I take get lots of compliments from the professionals. Great meeting you Georgia.

  2. Thanks! Happy you like my photos :)

  3. I really like how the composition of Georgia's photos draws the eye toward the photo's focal point.