Monday, December 12, 2016


Mystery Fabric Sets at Icky Chic Designs

Multi-colored Mystery Collections are now available.

Fabric types may include, woven, tapestry, linen, suede, leather, sheers, cottons, evening wear, fancy, AND many, many more options, enough diversity to satisfy the most adventurous designer.

Collections contain assorted fabric pieces, swatches, and small cuts. Included are a few along with trims and embellishments that will inspire your creativity. All handmade items listed in my Etsy shop (Icky Chic Designs) were created from comparable collections. There is no limit to how these items may be used. Designers, crafters, and quilters will all find these collections inspirational.

If you've ever wanted to design something unique but didn't know where to start, these collections will give you the inspiration you need. For ideas and examples of how these collections may be used, just browse my shop at Icky Chic Designs.


  1. Hi Lynda,

    I'm interested in these. Can you give me the weight of the mystery items before they are in the box. Is what you show in your Etsy shop photos everything that comes in one box?

  2. Hi Markets of Sunshine! The weight of the boxes varies because of the difference in types of fabrics and trims included. Each box is different since I personally mix and match items for the collections. The box size is 3" x 12" x 13". The photos in my Esty shop are just samples of some of the things I'm working with. As you can tell by the items I create, my style is very free-spirited, so I like to work with lots of smaller items so that I can collage or piece them to create something totally unique. So these collections will have a minimum of 50 different items and most of the time they include many more than that.