Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Designing and sewing your own Gypsy, Boho, Festival Style Handbag

Just Google: Gypsy, Boho, or Festival Style Handbags and you will have hundreds of examples, patterns, and tutorials at your finger tips. These bags uniquely showcase their designer's originality. But where does one start or acquire the inspiration for such a design. For me, the design begins with the fabric. Once a fabric catches my attention the creative vibes begin to resonate.

I find that tapestry and heavier weight home decor fabrics work best for these designs. But what's needed is not a lot of yardage but a large amount of smaller pieces that I can combine for an original design. In my Etsy Shop, Icky Chic Designs, you'll find collections of such fabrics that will easily allow you to jump start your project. 

Now is the time to plan that new handbag you've been wanting to make.

Dirk Savage never fails to acquire what he wants until he encounters 
Stormee Waters and a backwash of trouble


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