Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Sewing Inspiration - Turn a Simple Tote Pattern into a Designer Handbag

You probably have a tote bag pattern in your stash somewhere, and if by chance you don't, why not use one of the many free patterns available online. Totes are easy to make, extremely versatile and, for our purpose, the simplicity is perfect for designing your own special look for your bag.

Back Panel

When I construct my totes, I design the front panel and the back panel differently. It's almost like having two bags in one.

Start designing your panels by choosing a variety of small fabric cuts along with some coordinated trim. These small fabric cuts will necessitate your creativity...piecing, arranging, or layering them to create a whole new piece of fabric for your bag - Truly an Original Design.

Try to create a different feel for both sides of your bag. In my example, one side has a Shabby Chic look, while the other side, is more traditional.

After you've designed both sides of your bag, put these together using your simple tote pattern instructions. You can make or purchase your handles. I like simple interior fabrics, but you can choose whatever feels right to you.

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