Monday, May 22, 2017

5 Amazing Facts About Gift Cards

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We like to give them and we love to get them. They're convenient, suitable, and fit almost every gifting occasion. Here are 5 amazing facts about these little treasures:

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(1) "With the gift card industry as a whole expected to reach $160 billion by the year 2018, gift cards are only going to become even more popular."  Source

(2) 93s% of U.S. consumers purchase or receive a gift card annually. Source

(3) Restaurant cards are the most popular gifting option

(4) Over 50% of consumers spend more than the card's value

(5) Men seem to spend more on gift cards than women

There are, of course, many more amazing facts about this consumer product. But one thing is for sure...they are here to stay. 

What type of gift card do you favor giving? And what type of gift card do you like receiving the most?

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  1. I like using a gift card when I'm not sure what taste the person has. So I usually get a Visa gift card.

    1. Using a gift card does make a difficult choice, simple. Thanks for adding your thoughts.