Sunday, June 11, 2017

Book Review - First Ten Pages - Beloved Enemy by Hywela Lyn

As a reader, if my interest isn't stirred in the first ten pages of a book, it's most likely I won't take the time to read the rest of the story. First impressions do matter...

So, what exactly is the point of a ten page review? Obviously, it's not the story itself, the effectiveness of the plot development, the quality of character development, or the overall talent of the author. What I'm reviewing is the author's ability to draw me into their story in just a few pages. Can they give me a sense of place and time, set the tone of the story, make me care about their protagonist, and give me an impelling reason to keep reading. In today's competitive market, an author only gets a few pages to make all that happen for a reader. The rating reflects my view on those elements. It doesn't reflect on the whole book, since I haven't read the entire story. So I encourage those who read these reviews to keep that in mind and to peruse other whole-book reviews to help make your buying decisions.

Title: Beloved Enemy
Author: Hywela Lyn
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Review Rating: *** Hum... Has Possibilities - I'll read ten more pages

Review Comments: 
Kat Kincaid is in trouble on the first page. A crash landing of her space ship puts her on an unknown planet with a Shifter for a companion. Battle sounds in the distance seem to be moving in her direction. Kat appears to be equal to the dangerous situation when she finds a wounded man, one with whom she has a personal score to settle. Vengeance is in the air!

I would have rated this higher if I'd had reason to be worried about Kat. But in the first pages, she comes across as strong, capable, and methodical. Even in her dire circumstance, she never blinks, as it were. That's why I'd continue to read a few more pages. Is she as unemotional as she seems, or is there good reason for her demeanor? Ten more pages and I might find that she has a vulnerable streak and needs me to stay with her...

A few story elements gleaned from the first ten pages: 
An emergency crash landing, a Shifter, blaster fire, and a wounded enemy.

Quote from Book:
~ As Cat bent over him, her hair, now loosened completely from the scarf, swung forward, and she shook it back from her face with an impatient gesture. She took her knife from her belt, and inserted the point into the material of his tunic.  ~


  1. Thanks so much for reading the first ten pages, Lynda. Circumstances have made Cat pretty self reliant, keeping her emotions firmly under control - but she does have her weaknesses too. I wonder what you'll feel after the next ten pages? I'm not sure if I've managed to hint at any of those weaknesses. This is such a useful form of review, after all, as you say, the first pages of a book are what makes a reader want to read on.

    1. Hi Hywela,
      I just finished reading half way through the book and you're right. There is reason to stay with Kat. Thanks for allowing me to review your first ten pages.

  2. I've read this book and I highly recommend it. There's lots of action and fun.