Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Book Review - First Ten Pages - The Accidental Wife by Cj Fosdick

As a reader, if my interest isn't stirred in the first ten pages of a book, it's most likely I won't take the time to read the rest of the story. First impressions do matter...

So, what exactly is the point of a ten page review? Obviously, it's not the story itself, the effectiveness of the plot development, the quality of character development, or the overall talent of the author. What I'm reviewing is the author's ability to draw me into their story in just a few pages. Can they give me a sense of place and time, set the tone of the story, make me care about their protagonist, and give me an impelling reason to keep reading. In today's competitive market, an author only gets a few pages to make all that happen for a reader. The rating reflects my view on those elements. It doesn't reflect on the whole book, since I haven't read the entire story. So I encourage those who read these reviews to keep that in mind and to peruse other whole-book reviews to help make your buying decisions.

Title: The Accidental Wife
Author: Cj Fosdick
Genre: Time Travel Mainstream Historical Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Review Rating: ***** Totally Hooked - Can't Put It Down

Review Comments: 
Cj Fosdick really knows how to pull me into her story in the first few pages. She quickly introduces elements that pick at my curiosity. On the first page of this tale, I'm taken to a basement with a dark stairwell where I'll find an antique desk with a locked drawer. Okay, we all know that anything locked has to be opened before we can put down the book and get some sleep. Whew! I'm fortunate, it does open, but only to find a locked box inside.

The next pages are filled with more mystery: The family journals, the mysterious ancestral Calling Stone, and the tea cup with the name Mitawin on the bottom. If all this deliciousness wasn't enough to keep me reading, the genre's promise of Time Travel and Romance sealed the deal.

Wonderful first ten pages!

Quote from Book:
“Mitawin sounds like a foreign word. It almost looks like a hand painted addition, not a stamp. If your grandmother added this, it would certainly devalue the worth of the cup.”

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