Thursday, October 5, 2017

FREE READ - THE J.E.T.S. EQUATION - Book One (Sitnalta)

I'm announcing the release of the first book in my Epic Fantasy/SciFi series entitled THE J.E.T.S. EQUATION.  You can read it now for FREE on the Wattpad App.


JAG: Is a lone wolf who doesn't make friends, doesn't get involved, and never risks his heart. 

SEMYLYN: Is born with an inheritance that disappears before her eyes. 

TROYAK: Is a warrior tormented by a love he can never possess. 

ALEXANDRIA: Is a crusader with the discipline of a soldier and the soul of a princess. 

This story is about eight very special young adults who, at the age of eighteen years, will be launched from their ordinary lives into an unprecedented set of circumstances. Their personal dreams and hopes for the futures, including their free will, have all but vanished. One thread of commonality will force them to forge an alliance, one that is tasked to do the impossible...Prepare for the Triple Rising. 

ATLANTIS IS DEAD...But her daughter-cities live! The hidden, undersea city of Sitnalta is one of three Daughter-Cities of Atlantis; the other two reside only in legend and ancient prophecy. These ancient writings speak of a Prime Genitor, and ten powerful artifacts of JATAR. The Sitnaltians believe the ultimate hope for saving all humanity from pending extinction lies in finding these hidden cities and discovering their powerful treasures. To accomplish this, they initiate the Gathering. In doing so, they catapult eight young adults into a destiny undreamt-of. Will they survive? Will they prove worthy of their choosing? The outlook is bleak. With few options and little time, only one thread of hope emerges. Atlantis' last prophecy becomes all humanities' call-to-action. 

Sisters bow down in grief. 
The light of the Twin Worlds flicker. 
The least becomes high. 
The bonding prevails.
Salvation lies in the Ring-of-Fire.

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