BLINK AND YOU LOSE - Sign Up Your Etsy Shop

Want to include your Etsy Shop in our 
BLINK AND YOU LOSE Shopping Event?
Limited Spots Available 
If you're interested, email me at
put #icblink in subject line

Listing submissions are open Monday - Saturday and will be included in the following week's event, NOT the Sunday of the same week.

Event is Scheduled Every Sunday Evening from 
6 - 6:30 PM Pacific Time Zone (US West Coast)
8 - 8:30 CST Central Standard Time
9 - 9:30 EST (US East Coast)

First order of business: 
  • You must follow the original format for this event. That includes participating on the correct day, correct time for your time zone, and pricing procedures. (Failure to do so will eliminate you from future listings)
  • Your price drop on each item must be deeply discounted for this event. A 50% - 90% discount is recommended. (Simply change the item's price in your Etsy listing just prior to starting time)
  • At the end of the scheduled event, if your item has not sold, you should return your item's price back to it's original listing price.
  • You should adjust your shop settings so that your sales are visible to buyers. (In the case that your items sell during this event - this will enable those participating in this event to verify that your item was for sale as indicated in our listing.)
  • Listing submissions are open Monday - Saturday for the following week's event
  • I will promote this event through Twitter, Instagram, Google, FB, and my Blog. You are encouraged to share your upcoming event with your family, friends, and followers.
$2 Listing:
  • This list will consist of a Title description, your listing's URL link, and the items original price and your Event discounted price. (Photo will be included). This should be a direct link to your Item's listing page, NOT your Etsy Shop page. (limited to 2 listings per weekly event. Each listing is $2) This pricing is good for one week's event only. (Payment is through Paypal)
EVERY Listing you submit should be deeply discount for that Sunday's 30 minute Shopping Event.

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  1. This is a fun and affordable way to promote your handmade business on Etsy.